Saturday, August 23, 2008

All This Work Experience Makes a Girl Tired

I know you're supposed to get a lot of good work experience before applying to business school, but now it's like my job is getting the way of my applying to business school. I still like my job in sales A LOT, but I've been so busy this past month that I've only had a few hours on weekends to study for the GMAT. The good news is that this recent project will almost certainly mean a promotion, but the bad news is that I've had no life since it started.

Fear not. This huge project is now 99% done, and I plan on doubling my GMAT preparation pace from this point forward.

At least I have started research schools. Some early contenders are, in no particular order:
  • Columbia - because I like NYC
  • Harvard - tops in leadership, etc., etc.
  • Kellogg - no one is stronger in marketing
  • Wharton - actually a pretty strong marketing department
  • Michigan - know a few people who went there and loved it

I refuse to just chase fancy names, but it's honestly hard for me to get excited about lower-ranked schools, and I don't think I want to move any further west thank Chicago (that may even be a bit of a stretch).

Any other ideas on where I should apply? Tell me! Also, I'm especially interested in schools that may be more liberal with scholarship money...